Pillow set
Pillow set
Pillow set
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Pillow set

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This pillow has a cool feeling on the skin from the SASAWASHI as well as a refreshing feeling from the buckwheat groats inside that grinds whenever you turn over. It comes with a SASAWASHI cover, so it can be used without a pillow case. The cover can be removed for washing.

Color : Beige / Camel / Grey

Size :
(Large) 43cm x 63cm
(Small) 35cm x 55cm

Product Number WMA-11-01 (Beige Large)
WMA-11-02 (Camel Large)
WMA-11-08 (Grey Large)
WMA-12-01 (Beige Small)
WMA-12-02 (Camel Small)
WMA-12-08 (Grey Small)
Size (Large) 43cm x 63cm
(Small) 35cm x 55cm
Material Pillow cover: 100% Paper (SASAWASHI),
Parts: 100% Cotton,
Filling: Buckwheat husks boiled in hot water
Country of Origin Japan
Washing Instructions
  • The cover can be washed in a washing machine. (Use a net.)
  • Machine spin on low, smooth out wrinkles, and hang to dry
  • Do not wash together with colored items
  • Do not use bleach, wash with mild detergent
Price (Large) 17,600 yen
(Small) 14,300 yen

Sobagara and SASAWASHI

Resin is the mainstream material used in pillows these days, but buckwheat groats, which absorb moisture and heat, are the best natural material. The combination of buckwheat groats and a SASAWASHI cover make the pillow perfect for a good night's sleep. The shape of the pillow has been carefully designed with five parts, and the buckwheat strips can be inserted and removed from the zipper, so you can adjust the height and hardness to your liking.

About the Pillow

This is a refreshing pillow with the feel of buckwheat groats that grind each time you turn over in your sleep. SASAWASHI bedding is most effective in the summer, when it is smooth to the touch, free of dampness, and highly breathable. With its excellent air permeability and heat dissipation, it is also ideal for maintaining ""head cold, feet warm"". Also, since the pillow is delivered with a pillow cover attached, there is no need to buy additional pillow covers. You can use it right away.

Comfort of the Pillow

1. Fit

This comfortable design is divided into five parts to enhance the fit.

2) Comfortable Sleep Environment

The comfortable and relaxing feel of the buckwheat will help you fall asleep smoothly.

3. Gentleness

No chemicals are used.

4. Cleanliness

The buckwheat groats have been cooked in boiling water for 20 minutes and treated to kill insects.