Fitted Sheet
Fitted Sheet
Fitted Sheet
Fitted Sheet
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Fitted Sheet

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¥22,000 JPY
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¥22,000 JPY
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The sides of the sheet are made of 100% cotton to fit the thickness of the mattress of the bed, and all sides are elasticized for easy bed making. The fabric of the main part is made of 100% SASAWASHI, so you can relax with its smooth and high quality feel. It is highly insulating, cool and comfortable to sleep on.

Color : Beige / Ivory / Gray

Size :
100cm x 200cm x 27cm (Single)
120cm x 200cm x 27cm (Semi-double)
140cm x 200cm x 27cm (Double)

Product Number WSH-09-01 (Beige (Single))
WSH-09-04 (Ivory (Single))
WSH-09-08 (Gray (Single))
WSH-10-01 (Beige (Semi- Double))
WSH-10-04 (Ivory (Semi- Double))
WSH-10-08 (Gray (Semi- Double))
WSH-11-01 (Beige (Double))
WSH-11-04 (Ivory (Double))
WSH-11-08 (Gray (Double))
Size 100cm x 200cm x 27cm (Single)
120cm x 200cm x 27cm (Semi- Double)
140cm x 200cm x 27cm (Double)
Material 100% Paper (SASAWASHI),Sides: 100% Cotton
Country of Origin Japan
Washing Instructions
  • Can be washed in a washing machine. (Use net)
  • Please wash separately from other colored items
  • Do not use bleach, wash with mild detergent
Price 22,000 yen (Single)
23,100 yen (Semi-double)
25,300 yen (Double)

SASAWASHI bedding, where to start?

While sleeping, if the humidity is high in the bedroom, it will feel uncomfortable and hot. This is because the dissipation of body heat is prevented due to the humidity. Similarly, the cause of sleeping difficulties in summer is due to heat trapped in the back due to dampness. SASAWASHI, with its excellent sweat and moisture absorption properties, quickly removes the dampness and promotes heat dissipation. You can sleep more comfortably even on a hot and humid night. We hope that you will try our sheets and feel the difference.

About our Box Sheet

SASAWASHI bedding, which is smooth to the touch, does not cause dampness, and is highly breathable. The moisture absorption and air permeability of SASAWASHI make for a comfortable sleeping environment. SASAWASHI produces almost no lint and is a material that does not easily generate dust. In addition, the natural antibacterial and deodorizing effect of Kumazasa makes it very clean. It is recommended for people with sensitive skin and children.

Comfort of Fitted Sheets

h4{1. Dryness}

These sheets are highly breathable to eliminate dampness and promote heat dissipation, so you can experience a feeling of dryness.

2. Feel

Because of its high water absorption and low stickiness, it is ideal for people who have trouble falling asleep because of being hot.

3. Easy Change

Elastic around the entire circumference makes it easy to put on or take off the sheets.

4. Cleanliness

Even after repeated washing, the antibacterial and deodorizing effects of SASAWASHI will not wash out.
The sheets are also useful for deodorizing the bedroom since they cover a large area."