Envelope Pillow Case
Envelope Pillow Case
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Envelope Pillow Case

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This pillow case is a horizontal envelope type, so after inserting the pillow, simply fold the excess edges under the pillow. There are no strewn seams or zippers, so it is very natural and comfortable to sleep on. The unique feel and cleanliness of SASAWASHI makes it very comfortable.

Color : Beige / Ivory / Gray

Size : 45cm x 90cm

Product Number WPC-02-01 (Beige)
WPC-02-04 (Ivory)
Size 45cm x 90cm
Material 100% Paper (SASAWASHI)
Country of Origin Japan
Washing Instructions
  • Can be washed in a washing machine. (Use a net)
  • Machine spin on low, smooth out wrinkles, and hang to dry
  • Do not wash together with colored items
  • Do not use bleach, wash with mild detergent
Price 6,050 yen

Cool and Comfortable Pillows

SASAWASHI pillowcases are ideal for nights where you sweat or get hot while sleeping. A healthy adult is said to perspire about one cup of sweat per night. In such cases, SASAWASHI pillowcases can be used to their full potential. SASAWASHI, which excels in perspiration and moisture absorption, quickly removes dampness and promotes heat dissipation. You can sleep comfortably even on a hot and humid nights. We hope you will try it and feel the pleasant coolness of SASAWASHI.

About the Envelope Pillow Case

SASAWASHI bedding, which is smooth to the touch, does not cause dampness, and is highly breathable. The moisture absorption and air permeability of SASAWASHI make for a comfortable sleeping environment. SASAWASHI produces almost no lint and is a material that does not easily generate dust. In addition, the natural antibacterial and deodorizing effect of Kumazasa makes it very clean. It is recommended for people with sensitive skin and children.

Comfort of Envelope Pillow Case

1. Smoothness

It is highly breathable to eliminate dampness and promote heat dissipation, so you can experience a pleasant cool feeling.

2) Comfortable Sleep Environment

The comfortable and relaxing feeling will lead you to a smooth sleep.

3. People with Sensitive Skin

Can be used by sensitive skinned people and children.

4. Cleanliness

Even after repeated washing, the antibacterial and deodorizing effects of SASAWASHI will not wash out.