Bath Mat
Bath Mat
Bath Mat
Bath Mat
Bath Mat
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Bath Mat

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¥3,080 JPY
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¥3,080 JPY
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The firmness created by making a pile of SASAWASHI is comfortable for the feet. It quickly absorbs water after bathing to keep the feet dry. The natural antibacterial and deodorizing effects of Kumazasa add to the pleasant feeling of use and cleanliness.

Color :
Beige Gray (Large)
Beige Brown Gray (Medium)
Beige Brown (Small)

Size :
55cm x 75cm (Large)
45cm x 65cm (Medium)
35cm x 45cm (Small)

Product Number WBM-10-01 (Beige Large)
WBM-10-08 (Gray Large)
WBM-07-01 (Beige Medium)
WBM-07-02 (Brown Medium)
WBM-07-08 (Gray Medium)
WBM-08-01 (Beige Small)
WBM-08-02 (Brown Small)
Size 55cm x 75cm (Large)
45cm x 65cm (Medium)
35cm x 45cm (Small)
Material Pile: 100% Paper (SASAWASHI), Base fabric: Polyester, Polypropylene, Piping: 100% Acrylic (Backing: Anti-slip finish)
Country of Origin Japan
Washing Instructions
  • Machine washable. (To protect the anti-slip backing, fold inside out and place in a net when washing.)
  • Please wash separately from other colored items
  • Do not use bleach, wash with mild detergent
  • Do not use a tumble dryer
Price 6,050 yen (large)
4,180 yen (medium)
3,080 yen (small)

Comfortable and Functional Bath Mat

Many people have become fans of SASAWASHI because it is just so comfortable and pleasant to the touch. The kumazasa contained in the SASAWASHI is also very useful for skin care. SASAWASHI is not sticky but smooth, and the antibacterial and deodorizing properties of kumazasa keep it clean. The cool, smooth and pleasant texture will leave you feeling refreshed after every bath.

About our Bath Mat

These bath mats are smooth to the touch and antibacterial and deodorizing. It has many useful uses in daily life other than after a bath. For example, it can be used as a relaxing mat for dogs and cats in summer because it feels cool and smooth. Some customers come back to buy a second one because their pets took it when they returned home. Since there is no lint, pet hair does not get tangled and is easy to remove. It is also ideal for driving in summer. If you put it on a car seat, it will not trap heat in the seat and will not get hot. Even on long drives, you won't feel hot and uncomfortable.

Comfort of our Bath Mat

1. Gentleness

Quickly absorbs splashed water after bathing.

2. Useful

Can be used in bathrooms, at the foot of beds, at the entrance of terraces

3. Anti-Slip Process

The back of the product has an anti-slip finish.

4. Cleanliness

The natural antibacterial and deodorizing effect of Kumazasa gives a sense of cleanliness. Even after repeated washing, the antibacterial and deodorizing effect of the SASAWASHI will not wash out.